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This week, the “Situations” series is going to a job interview. I chose to prepare a perfectly suitable outfit for such an appointment, elegant and elaborate, without doing too much. In this situation especially, it is important to always remember that “less is more” if you want to make a good impression.

  1. A tee, alright, but a dressy tee. Zara
  2. Skinny pants, to be cool, but not neglected.  Zara
  3. A beautiful blazer to dress up the outfit and to be impressive. Zara
  4. High heels for the sophisticated side. Asos
  5. A school bag to be work ready and fashion at the same time. Cambridge Stachel Company
  6. A pretty leather watch to be on time. Limit
  7. Gold plated earing with semi-precious stone, for the elegance. Ottoman Hands
  8. An adorable iPad case. Ted Baker
  9. A ring to also dress your hands. Whistles
  10. A nude nail polish for a well-kept manicure. Essie
  11. A touch of mascara to be pretty without doing too much. Lancôme
  12. A radiant skin. Chanel
  13. Natural rosewood lips. Chanel
  14. A fountain pain to sign your employment contract. Varini
  15. … Good luck !

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