Recette de shampooing solide apaisant et anti-pelliculaire.



In this post, I will teach you how to make a soothing, anti-dandruff, fortifying solid shampoo which also promotes hair growth. Yes, all of this at once !

This solid shampoo is a little wonder that smells of citrus and has many properties.

The principal ones are : anti-dandruff, soothing, fortifying (prevents hair loss) and great for hair growth. It’s ideal if you have sensitive or irritated scalp, and/or oily hair. It’s also great if you’ve just had a baby and your hair is starting to fall out due to postpartum. Finally, if you just want to limit seasonal hair loss or make it grow faster, this recipe is also for you.

The ingredients of this soothing solid shampoo have other benefits that I will detail below.

My air-dried hair after using this solid shampoo, without conditioner.

My boyfriend suffers from psoriasis, and this solid shampoo is the only one that can soothe his itch. As for me, I love using it because it lathers well and makes my hair strong and very shiny.

Now let’s see the recipe !

Soothing and anti-dandruff solid shampoo : the ingredients

Les ingrédients pour faire du shampooing solide apaisant.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I will explain what the properties of these ingredients are, and what you can replace them with (if necessary).
SCI is a surfactant, and it’s an essential ingredient in the making of solid shampoo. Without it, no chemical reaction will happen. All solid shampoos contain at least one surfactant, it’s essential. SCI is the “best” surfactant : it is less irritating and less harmful than the others.
However, if you don’t have some, you can use SLSA. The latter is a little more irritating, but will still be good for the making of a solid shampoo (don’t worry, you will not end up with holes in your skull).
You can also mix the two, if you wish. In this case, I recommend 40% SCI and 60% SLSA.
Sweet almond oil
It has anti-dandruff properties and softens the hair. It’s essential in this recipe, and you can easily find it in stores.
Jojoba oil
It cleanses the scalp, helps keep it healthy and prevents it from getting oily too quickly.
In this recipe, you can replace it with olive oil.
Nettle infusion
Nettle is excellent for treating scalp problems, such as itching, dandruff or psoriasis. It also prevents hair loss.
You will easily find it as an infusion in the tea department. I infuse two sachets in a bit of hot water for at least 10 minutes.
You can also make it yourself with nettles from your garden.
Shikakaï powder
This powder is often used in the making of solid shampoo, because this is what brings the “washing power”. It washes gently, detangles, is anti-dandruff and promotes growth.
Brazilian ginseng powder
It prevents hair loss and accelerates hair growth. It is also very soothing, perfect for sensitive scalps.
You can replace it with amla powder.
Orange powder
It tones, detangles and brings softness and shine to the hair.
You can replace it with marshmallow plant powder.
I always put honey in my solid shampoos because it’s a great natural antiseptic (ideal for a healthy scalp) and because it hydrates the hair very well (without making it greasy). As a bonus, it accentuates the natural sun lightning in the summer. Don’t worry if you’re a brunette, it will not turn you into a blonde, but it helps to reveal the natural reflections in the hair.
It’s not essential to the recipe, but I recommend that you use it for optimal results.
Orange essential oil
It’s soothing, balancing and anti-dandruff, and it will bring a sweet fragrance to the shampoo.
You can replace it with grapefruit EO, but orange is best.
Tea tree essential oil
It cleanses the scalp and is anti-dandruff.
You can replace it with lemon EO, but tea tree is more effective.

Now let’s see the quantities, to make around 200g of shampoo

  • 60 g of SCI
  • 20 ml of sweet almond oil
  • 20 ml of jojoba oil
  • 20 ml of nettle infusion (2 bags infused in a bit of hot water)
  • 20 g of shikakaï powder
  • 20 g of Brazilian ginseng powder
  • 20 g or orange powder
  • 20 g of honey
  • 30 drops of orange essential oil
  • 30 drops of tea tree essential oil
For optimal results, I advise you to use organic ingredients. I usually find mine on Aroma-Zone.

The recipe for soothing solid shampoo, step by step

TimeCostLife expectancy of the shampooUse advice
Preparation : less than 10 minutes.
Rest : 2 hours in the mold + 48 hours after unmolding.
Total cost : around 10€ for 200g.
It all depends on your use. I have thick and long hair, and this quantity is sufficient for at least 4 months, with a shampoo every three days.
Here’s what I do for optimal results.
I start by brushing and detangling my dry hair, then I start the shampoo. You just need to quickly wet the solid shampoo, then rub it on the scalp (on the temples, the nape of the neck, the line of the hair and the back of the skull. Then, I massage my whole scalp to make a lather, like you would with a classic shampoo, but I let it sit for a few minutes so that the hair can benefit from all the active ingredients. Finally, I rinse, I dry my hair in a cotton T-shirt (no towel), I brush it and then I let it air dry without touching it. I’ve stopped using conditioner a while ago.
  1. In a water-bath, melt the SCI with the oils and the nettle infusion, for a few minutes.

    Faire ses cosmétiques maison
  2. Then, add the shikakaï, ginseng and orange powders that you had previously mixed together. You will obtain a thick paste.

    Recettes avec des poudres pour les cheveux.Recette de shampooing solide fortifiant.
  3. Remove the container from the water-bath and add the honey, and then the essential oils. Mix well.

    Fabriquer son propre shampooing solide anti-pelliculaire.
  4. Without waiting, place the paste in the molds, pressing well with your fingers (but be careful not to burn yourself). If you don’t have a mold, you can simply form balls. It is less pretty but it doesn’t change anything in the final result.

    Comment faire du shampooing solide
  5. Let the shampoo solidify for 2 hours at room temperature. You can then unmold it, but it must be left to stand for an additional 48 hours before using it.

    Recette de shampooing solide apaisant.

And voilà, your soothing solid shampoo is ready !

Fabriquer son propre shampooing solide, c'est facile.
Soothing solid shampoo recipe

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    1. I’m not exactly sure for one bar because I always make several ones in a row, but for the quantity given in the recipe, it should last around 3 to 4 months (with 1 to 2 shampoos per week).

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