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In this post, I am sharing a list of the best restaurants of Gozo, where I regularly eat. I’ll add some new addresses in the future.
I’ve ranked these places according to the village, then according to my order of preference.  I’ve specified the price from memory, so it could vary a little bit… But usually, the restaurants of Gozo are really affordable, and those mentioned here have a great quality/price ratio.


The D.Bar – 8/10
One of my favourite restaurants ! Typical gozitan dishes (rabbit, spare ribs, lamb, pasta, fish, local cheese…) perfectly cooked and a nice atmosphere. Their pizzas are also delicious !
→ Between 7 and 15€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the spare ribs, the salmon filet, the rabbit.

St Joseph Square, Qala – +356 21 556 242 – Website

Il Kaputa – 6/10
An unpretentious little restaurant, which serves gozitan and italian food. Their specialty is the pizza, and that’s what I advise you to have. The other dishes are good, but they are not extraordinary.
→ Between 7 and 15€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the pizzas, the homemade lasagnas.

Pjazza San Guzepp, Qala – +356 99 272 074

Hondoq Bay Kiosk – 5/10
This is not really a restaurant, but a small snack situated near the beach of Hondoq. However, the menu is varied, with basic but nice food.
→ Between 3 and 10€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the burgers, the fish and chips.

Plage de Hondoq Bay, Qala


Le Fliegu – 9/10
Probably my favourite restaurant on the island ! The location is great (their terrace offers a gorgeous view over the sea), the place is nicely decorated, and they cook really good food. You will find gozitan dishes and more classic ones, but also a nice choice of pizzas. They even serve a nutella pizza for dessert… do I have to say more ?!
Think about booking, because the place is always full.
→ Between 7 and 20€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the baby calamari, the salmon filet, the nutella pizza for dessert.

Triq L-Imgarr, Nadur – +356 21 550 055 – Site web


The Maldonado Bistro – 9/10
This italian restaurant is a delight ! The place is really pretty, we always are warmly welcomed, and the service is pleasant. The owner is nice and you can trust his good advice about wine. Regarding the dishes, they are sophisticated and really good. As a starter, I advise you to try their bruschettas, they are amazing.
→ Between 15 and 25€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the amazing bruschettas (the french one, or the one with truffles…), the meats.

Mons Vella Street, Victoria – +356 27 019 270 – Website

The Kozmo – 8/10
This restaurant serves a bit of everything : italian dishes, asian food… There is a lot of choice, the food is really good, and the decor quite nice. As a bonus, a really wide selection of wines, that you can also buy for your home.
→ Between 7 and 15€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the asian platter, the apple pie for dessert (the best of my life).

Triq Giorgio Borġ Olivier, Victoria – +356 21 553 790

Il Panzier – 8/10
This italian restaurant is situated in a really small street. The owners actually welcome you into their own home, since they transformed a part of their house to install their restaurant. The terrace is full of trees and plants, which is really pleasant, despite an old-fashioned decor. Regarding the food, they mainly serve family cuisine, and the dishes are healthy and – a priori – cooked with fresh and organic products. Some gluten free options are also available. As a bonus : the owners’ cat, Napoleon !
→ Between 15 and 25€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the homemade ice creams (pistachio !) for dessert, a delight !

Triq Il-Karita, Victoria – +356 2155 9979

The Grapes – 6/10
This coffee/restaurant is without a doubt the place where I’ve been eating the most since I live in Gozo. It is made of two establishments facing each other. The prices are really low, and the (gozitan) dishes are simple, but good.
However, it’s only possible to eat outside, so avoid it if the weather is chilly.
→ Between 5 and 10€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the fish salad, the pizzas.

Pjazza San Gorg, Victoria – +356 79 473 536

It-Tokk – 6/10
A small restaurant, typically gozitan. On the second floor, you can enjoy a really nice terrace that offers a nice view over the main square of the town.
→ Between 7 and 15€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the fresh fish.

Pjazza Indipendenza, Victoria – +356 21 551 213 – Website


The Beppe’s – 9/10
A great place, which serves quite sophisticated local and italian food. The service is usually nice too.
→ Between 10 and 25€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the gnocchis, the grills.

Triq il-Menqa, Marsalforn – +356 27 500 567 – Website

Ta Pennellu – 8/10
A really good restaurant, which offers – if I remember well – a varied menu, with mostly gozitan food. They also have a nice selection of fresh fish !
→ Between 10 and 20€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the fresh fish.

Triq Il-Port, Marsalforn – +356 21 559 730


Il Girna – 7/10
They mainly serve local dishes. The dishes aren’t extraordinary, but they are still pretty good. I have to mention the great service : the waitress who works there all year is really nice.
The place is quite big, with a typical gozitan decor. You can also eat outside, on a pretty patio full of flowers.
→ Between 10 and 15€ for a main course.
→ I recommend : the mussles à la marinière, the deep fried calamari.

5 Skerla Street, Sannat – +356 21 565 100 – Website

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