A home fragrance difuser and a scented candle form the brand Alex Simone.

The comfort of my home is very important to me. To feel good, I need to evolve in a nice environment. I have a hard time staying focused or sleeping if I am in a messy room, for example. When I was in university, I used to spend more time cleaning my flat from floor to ceiling than actually studying. Well, okay, this was also an excuse to delay the inevitable time when I would have to open my books…

But as I was saying, details matter. One of my habits it to use fragrance diffusers or scented candles. Despite the fact that it slightly and nicely perfumes the room, a home fragrance is also a good way to create a specific atmosphere in your room, depending on the season or on your mood. It’s always nice to hear “your home smells so good !” when you are receiving guests… In addition, it can also be efficient against the uninvited little insects !

Choisir son parfum d'intérieur ou sa bougie parfumée chez Alex Simone.

The Monegasque brand Alex Simone recently offered me a box of scented home products that I fell in love with. In simple terms, the fragrances I had the opportunity to try are to die for ! Éric Rousseau, the creator of the brand, drew his inspiration from his olfactory childhood memories, gathered during his summer holidays spent at his grand-parents’, named, of course, Alex and Simone.
What I especially love about Alex Simone is the provençal and mediterranean fragrances that are part of most of their products. Since I live on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, you can easily imagine that these scents are dear to my heart and fit very well into my home ! And the funny part is that they also remind me of my childhood summers spent in the south of France…

The scented candle

Parfum d'intérieur : une bougie parfumée à l'orange et au chocolat.

The first product I tried was this orangette scented candle. You know, these sweets made of orange zests covered with chocolate ! Since Christmas is coming fast, I thought this scent would be perfect to bring a bit of a holiday atmosphere into my home. I obviously wasn’t wrong since the smell is delightful and brings back images of end of the year festivities. If I close my eyes, I can picture myself sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa in my hands.
I really enjoy lighting up a candle when I want to spend a relaxing evening with a good book, or if I’m working late, alone with my computer. This one can burn during approximately 40 hours, which means it will easily last at least several months.

The home fragrance

Diffuseur de parfum d'intérieur à la fleur d'oranger Alex Simone.

Then, I had the chance to try the sparkling orange blossom home fragrance. I like this product a lot because the smell is present but not too heavy. In addition, the bottle is decorative with its nice little black bow.
For my living area, I wanted something more floral and provençal, that would still match the orangette candle. This orange blossom diffuser, with its lemon, lavander and patchouli notes, was the perfect fit ! The choice wasn’t easy because the other fragrances (iris, lavander, strawberry…) are also very appealing. I will be happy to try them once this bottle is empty !
Since I’ve been using this home fragrance, I also noticed that I had less flies and mosquitoes in my home. Is it because of the lavander and the lemon ? I’m not sure, but at this time of the year in Malta, I still have my windows open all day. If I can find a simple and nice way to get rid of them, I’m all in !

The pillow spray

Une brume d'oreiller parfumée au lotus blanc pour un sommeil paisible.

Finally, I also received this white lotus pillow spray ! This is the product that I was the more impatient to try because I’ve never used a pillow spray before. Since I love sleeping in clean sheets that smell like laundry detergent, this fresh spray is perfect with its iris, jasmine, mimosa and white musk notes ! I’m crazy about the smell, to the point that I would almost wear it on me. A delicious invitation to relax, I’ve been falling asleep much easier since I’ve been using this spray. Without a doubt, this is my favourite products among the three, and I will buy it back once it’s empty !

Match your home fragrance with your scented candle

Match your home fragrance to your scented candle Alex Simone.

I made a really nice discovery with this brand and its beautiful olfactory universe. And I saved the best for last ! Alex Simone is spoiling you with a 20% discount on every order placed on their e-shop before the 31st of October 2015, with the code BLUED20. Thanks to this, you can easily treat yourself to perfume your home, or even start to buy your Christmas gifts early !

Did you know the home fragrance brand Alex Simone ?
Which one of these products would you like to try ?


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