Dégustation de pâtes dans le restaurant Pasta Al'uovo Kitchen, à Rome.



Dégustation de pâtes dans le restaurant Pasta Al'uovo Kitchen, à Rome.

As paradoxical as it may seem, I find Instagram to be an impersonal social media. The pictures – often staged – defile, with succinct captions. Most of the time, we don’t know the context of that picture, if it has a particular value for its owner or if the only purpose of the picture was “to look nice in the feed”. Therefore, I had the idea to create an original post and select a few of my favourite Instagram pictures, in order to tell you the little story behind each one of them… A nice way to relive some moments that I will always cherish !

Picture of a paradisiac cove, Gozo, Malta.

This picture has been taken two months after my expatriation in Malta. My mother had come to my place in Gozo for a week, and we had taken this opportunity to discover the island together. That morning, at around 10am, we went for a walk on the cliff that was just near my house. I had the good idea of wearing sneakers, but my mother was much more confident and went wearing her flip flops…
After 20 minutes of walking climbing under the blazing sun, we saw this empty creek… There was no way we were going to turn around, our only wish was to reach this cove for a well deserved swim. I took the time to capture this picture, then we were on our way, fearing for our lives (well… almost), climbing down the cliff to reach this piece of heaven. This was not a piece of cake, but we finally arrived in the creek, and to this day this is my favourite place in all Gozo.

Picture taken on the Teide volcano, Tenerife.

In this picture, I am in the martian landscape of the Teide volcano, on the island of Tenerife (Canary). It was the 31st of December 2013, and Gleb and I were spending two weeks of holidays there, with his family. That day, we took the car and drove to the slopes of the volcano, where we stopped to enjoy the view. Even if it was 25°C near the sea, with the altitude it was freezing up there, and I was glad I took this small blanket with me. We sat down in the middle of this landscape, toasted with a few Guinness cans we had taken with us. Gleb took this picture of me moments before we left the volcano, and I like it very much because it reminds me of a pretty end of the year, and a wonderful trip.

Picture of a french garden.

These flowers were immortalised by myself, in my mum’s garden. This was just one year after my expatriation, and I was going back to France for the very first time since. This sunday of May, I hadn’t seen my grand-parents and my little brothers in a year… By the way, we were celebrating the birthday of the oldest one, and we were all gathered outside, over a home cooked meal, under the sun… Some family time that is quite rare now that I live in Malta, and it makes me like these moments even more.

Picture taken from a pool at night.This picture represents an ordinary moment, that stuck with for I don’t know which reason. It was early spring so it was already quite warm where I live. In the early evening, I had just finish a big workout session (probably Insanity) and I was so hot that I decided to take my first swim of the year. The water was perfect, the atmosphere completely peaceful since the night was slowly starting to fall… I felt so good at this moment that I risked my phone’s life to take this picture as a memory ! Meanwhile, Plioush, one of my two cats, was jealously watching me (or not) from the window…

Picture of the beach of Mgarr Ix-Xini, Gozo, Malta.

This picture – also taken last spring – is a dream, right ? I simply took that with my phone, in the late morning, on the little beach of Mgarr Ix-Xini. At this time, I used to run a few kilometers in the morning. I used to put my bathing suit under my workout shorts, and I was gone. Once on this little beach, goodbye sneakers, shorts, headphones, I was in the crystal clear water, swimming to the rope where I used to stop for a moment to rest my legs and watch the fish and the beauty of the location, which was empty at this hour. A pure moment of happiness  after a run under the blazing sun ! However, I must admit that climbing back home after this swim was clearly less funny… I can’t wait for spring though, to go swim in the mornings again !

Picture taken at the restaurant Il-Girna, Gozo, Malta.

A nice memory from a dinner between friends ! Gleb and I were here in one of my favourites gozitan restaurants, Il-Girna, with his brother and his girlfriend, as well as a couple of friends. We ordered this huge seafood platter – I LOVE fried calamari and grilled octopus – followed by a platter of grilled fish that we also shared. It was a beautiful summer night, with lots of laughs and drinks, like I like them.
And no, don’t worry, the “gun” on this picture is in fact… a lighter. Thoughtful gift for Gleb, from his brother.

Picture of gozitan fireworks, Malta.

Ah, fireworks… This is quite an art in Malta ! These fireworks in particular are called giggifogu and are installed on pilars, approximately 5 meters from the ground, as you can see in the picture. To light them, a young man comes with a small torch looking like a big matchstick, fires it, and… runs away very quickly. The giggifogu will then turn on itself, making a terrible noise that will almost cover the background music, and this thing also emits an horrible smoke that can probably make you blind… But this is absolutely gorgeous, and I took a lot of pictures of this beautiful show, receiving a few incandescent pieces on my arms. Ah, the risks you have to take to make a good blog post…

Picture of Comino, Malta.

A pretty picture of Comino, a tiny island situated between Malta and Gozo, taken last summer. I was with three of my french friends, who had come to my place to spend a week of holidays. Comino’s Blue Lagoon was on my list of places I wanted to show them, but I wanted to go there early in the morning, because the place is completely crowded in the afternoon. The day this getaway was planned, we woke up and noted that the sky was pretty dark… By mutual agreement, we decided to go back to bed, too bad for Comino, but it wasn’t worth going under a grey sky. Finally, 10 minutes later, full of regrets, we got back up. Nevermind the weather, it was now or never, and we jumped in the car after eating a quick breakfast. I’m so glad we did because the clouds quickly vanished, and we spent an amazing time in these paradisiac coves with our masks and snorkels.

Picture taken in the restaurant Pasta All'uovo Kitchen, Rome.

A travel picture that I love ! It has been taken by Gleb during our recent trip to Rome, in the restaurant Pasta All’uvo Kitchen. Well, I say restaurant… but it was in fact a delicatessen shop, as you can see by looking at the decor behind me. But the good thing is that you can also come here to eat ! We had found this restaurant while looking for a nice place on LaFourchette.com. I don’t remember why we had chosen this place, probably because of its originality, but I’m really glad we went there. I had the best italian food of my life ! The dishes were made without fuss, but they were really delicious, and I will go back to this restaurant without any hesitation during my next trip to Rome. This was our last evening in the city and we spent a really good time to end our stay.

Picture of a venetian cat.

Finally, an other travel picture that I love. Taken just one month ago on a tiny venetian bridge… It was also our last full day in Venice, and that morning, Gleb and I had decided to visit the Cannaregio, the jewish ghetto. This is a peaceful area because it’s mainly residential, and tourists don’t go there. The streets were empty, so we could enjoy the beauty of the city. At the bend of a little street, while we were arriving on this wooden bridge, we saw this huge cat that was watching the canal. It’s a Main Coon, our favourite breed. We are both crazy about cats, so we couldn’t help from patting him, and I grabed my camera to immortalise this scene. A few moments later, we noticed his evil twin, sleeping on a bench down the bridge. And say we were surprised we hadn’t seen one single cat in Venice yet…

I hope you enjoyed this personal post, and learned a few new things about me !
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