Today’s “Pretty Week” post is going to be a little bit special ! I’ve decided to develop this series of posts by posting more than a few pictures summarizing my week.
I thought it was more interesting to share, every friday, my point of view on a subject that got me thinking during the past few days. I hope you wille like this change, and for the pictures of my everdyay life, you can still visit my Instagram account !

Today, I wanted to approach the subject of communication between bloggers and readers.
A few days ago, I left a comment on one of my favourite popular blogs, that I read (and comment) very often. I was simply saying to the blogger that bright lipsticks suit her better than nude lipsticks. Just my personal opinion, that I wanted to share with her : that’s what comments are for, right ?

My message was really friendly, I would never leave an aggressive or unpleasant feedback, especially regarding a matter as futile as the colour of a lipstick. Yet, the comment has been deleted.

Later the same day, I accidentally noticed that some readers ended up in the same situation, and that this blogger was also deleting Instagram comments, that weren’t even insulting or rude. This behaviour disappointed me, and I asked myself wether I would keep reading this blog or not.

All of this made me questionned the relationship between bloggers and readers. To me, it’s important to maintain a form of communication between the two. The blogger concerned (I keep her as an example, but she’s not the only one acting that way) doesn’t answer her readers’ comments, wether it is on the blog or on the social medias, even when a relevant question is asked. Personally, it bothers me.

I understand that it’s impossible to discuss daily with hundreds of people, but is it really that difficult to find 30 minutes every day to answer at least a dozen of comments and a few questions ?
It’s possible to be constantly overworked, but this person works exclusively on her blog (with the help of a small team) and earns all of her revenue thanks to her readers. No excuse ! The minimum would be to construct an exchange between both parts.

For my part, I can’t imagine not answering to the comments and the questions you’re asking me. I also receive a lot of emails from people who’d like to get informations about Malta, and even when I don’t have a lot of time, I always take a moment to answer and to give them the more information I can.
Even if the interactions on here are more and more numerous and will – hopefully – keep increasing, I will never stop communicating with you. I would find that simply disrespectful.

I’m wondering what are your feelings on this subject, as a reader and/or a blogger ? Is the communication between an author and his/her readership important to you ?

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