Les séries TV que je regarde actuellement.



Les séries TV que je regarde actuellement.

As a huge fan of TV shows, I always have several ones on hand. I love watching a few episodes with my boyfriend after dinner, or during the weekend when we have nothing planned. But finding a good TV show is not always an easy task… Therefore, I’ve decided to talk more regularly about the shows I like, to help you discover new ones. Today, we start with the first post gathering my last favourites !

Comic TV shows :

The Middle

The story : the life of a modest american couple and their three teenagers.
My opinion : if you like the TV show Malcolm, you might enjoy this one too ! My boyfriend and I have watched the 7 seasons faster than we’d like to admit, it’s hilarious and too relatable most of the time…

The Last Man On Earth

The story : Phil is the last survivor on earth after the human race has been struck down by a mysterious virus. But could it be that other humans also survived ?
My opinion : one of my biggest crushes in the recent months ! The synopsis is original and the actors are hilarious. Sometimes, the show seems to be going in circles, but the writers always manage to get back on their feet and provide us with new twists. In short, I really enjoy watching this on monday nights


The story : the adventures of the sales team of a big box store called Cloud Nine.
My opinion : I must admit that I was very skeptical when I first started this show, and I wasn’t expecting much… But I‘ve been pleasantly surprised since ! The characters are very funny and endearing, and despite a scenario which is a bit simplistic, the episodes are far from boring. We laugh a lot while watching this TV show !

Thriller TV shows :

The Blacklist

The story : Raymond Reddington, one of the most wanted criminals, spontaneously goes to the FBI and offers to denounce all the people with whom he collaborated in the past. In return, he wants to work exclusively with the FBI agent Elizabeth Keen, who doesn’t seem to have any connection with him.
My opinion : I’m addicted to this TV show ! The scenario could have been something we’ve seen over and over again, but it’s not the case and I find the story original and very addictive. The Blacklist combines action and suspense without ever becoming predictable or boring.


The story : a young woman is found in the middle of Times Square, naked and covered in tattoos from head to toe. The problem is that she is completely amnesic and doesn’t remember anything, not even her own name. We quickly understand that she seems to have a connection with one of the FBI agents in charge of the investigation.
My opinion : I found the synopsis appealing, even if it’s not very original. The story reminds me a lot of the TV show John Doe, that I really enjoyed despite a hasty end. Regarding Blindspot, it’s fun to watch and very entertaining, but don’t expect something revolutionary… I find the plot to be a bit “easy” : the episodes are not really surprising and the tricks used by the writers are not always subtle.


The story : four young geniuses (in computer science, mechanics, statistics and psychology) combine their knowledge and create a team called Scorpion, in order to help the homeland security of the United States solve complex cases.
My opinion : if you care about actual scientific facts, you may roll up your eyes more than once ! However, it’s fun to watch, the characters are endearing and the story is addictive, provided that you ignore the aberrations regularly present in the scenario…

Fantastic TV shows :


The story : the inspector Nick Burckhardt discovers one day that he is a Grimm, the descendant of a long line of hunters. Their role is to track down the Wesen, supernatural beings that resemble humans and live among them.
My opinion : I was not really excited when my boyfriend asked me to watch this show with him. Most of the time, fantastic stories don’t appeal to me… But I quickly fell under the spell of this show that combines police investigations and supernatural quests without being ridiculous.

What are the TV shows you are currently watching ?

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