Photo de Venise en hiver.

I’m happy to be back ! A few days before Christmas, I stopped blogging to be able to really enjoy my friends and family in France. Then, I went to Tenerife for a few days, got back to Malta, and finally flew to Venice last week… So I haven’t written anything on here for a long time, but I am definitely back on track !
And I am going to write about my last travel in today’s post… Visiting Venice, especially during the Winter Carnival, is something I’ve always wanted to do. My boyfriend knew that very well, since he’s the one who offered me this trip for Christmas ! One of the best gifts I ever got, and without a doubt one of my best trips so far. I can’t stop falling in love with Italy these days !

We stayed there during five whole days, which is already enough to visit the city well. Contrary to our recent stay in Rome, where we had decided to visit as many places as possible in as little time as possible, we have decided this time to go at our own pace and not follow the usual tourist attractions. Therefore, we have only visited one museum (the Natural History Museum, that I strongly recommend) and we have spent our days strolling through Venice, only by feet (we didn’t take the vaporetto once). According to me, this is the nicest way to discover the city, and we have been able to visit every venetian area, without exception. Walking in the beautiful streets, drinking cappuccinos at the terrace of a bar, drooling in front of the pastry shops’ windows, finding delicious traditional restaurants… this was, for us, the key of this trip’s success.

We spent a great stay in a magical city, cradled by the lapping of the water in the canals and illuminated by its gorgeous Winter Carnival. For now, I will be sharing my favourite pictures from this trip to Venice. Next week, I will post a city guide in which you will be able to find some detailed advice as well as my favourite places : visits, restaurants, bars, shopping…

Les canaux de Venise lors du Carnaval d'Hiver 2016.Costumes colorés du Carnaval d'Hiver de Venise.Rues et épiceries fines à Venise.Venice is a delight for the eyes and the mouth… Costume de femme au Carnaval de Venise.Blogueuse The Blue Dress Girl en voyage à Venise.Jolis paysages vénitiens.Couple costumé au Carnaval d'Hiver de Venise 2016.Artiste peintre dans les rues de Venise.If you have room in your luggage, don’t hesitate to bring some souvenirs from Venice, you will find beautiful things around every street corner… Costumes vénitiens.Hommes costumés à la terrasse d'un café vénitien.Everyone needs a little pick-me-up once in a while… Carnaval sur la Place Saint Marc, à Venise.The famous Saint Mark’s square and the basilica of the same name. The main festivities of the Venice Carnival take place there.Charlotte du blog The Blue Dress Girl à Venise.Costume masculin du Carnaval de Venise 2016.Couple costumé au Carnaval de Venise.Gondoles vénitiennes.Le Carnaval d'Hiver de Venise.Promenade dans les rues de Venise.We only saw two cats in Venice, but  by chance they both were beautiful Main Coons, our favourite breed.
Couple costumé sur la place Saint Marc à Venise.Le pont des soupirs durant le Carnaval de Venise.The famouse Bridge of Sighs, named this way because the men sentenced to death who were incarcerated in Venice had to cross it before they took their last breath.  Costumes traditionnels du Carnaval de Venise.Photos de canaux vénitiens.Photos du Carnaval de Venise 2016.Façade d'un immeuble vénitien.Costumes du Carnava de Venise 2016.City guide Venise The Blue Dress Girl.I can’t wait to go back to Venice… but in the summer, this time !

Next week, I will publish a second post about Venice, which will be more informative : I will write about the different areas of the city and what you can find there, places to go to do some shopping or to buy venetian souvenirs, places you need to see, and of course my best addresses (restaurants, bars, pastry shops…). Don’t miss this post if you are planning on visiting the city !

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