Liste des activités à faire à Gozo au printemps.



Liste des activités à faire à Gozo au printemps.

In my opinion, spring is an excellent time to visit Gozo, Malta’s sister island. In April, the weather is beautiful, between 20 and 25°C during the day, with a blazing sun and very little rain. This is a very nice season since it’s not too hot yet, contrary to the summer when the temperatures rarely drop down below 30°C, even at night.

These mild temperatures allow you to enjoy many activities that are much more difficult to practice during the summer. Hiking, for example : unless you leave at dawn or when the night falls, walking several kilometers in Gozo in August is quite difficult… Even at 9 am, the sun is blazing.

Therefore, every season has its own advantages, and I am sharing a list of the things you can easily do in Gozo in the spring.

Hiking and walking

Hiking in Gozo in the spring

I was just talking about this : if you enjoy walking or hiking, spring is the best time to visit Gozo. The island is perfectly suited to this type of activity since the scenery is breathtaking, and the prettiest roads are usually inaccessible with a vehicle. However, from the end of June, it becomes less pleasant to indulge in this occupation since the temperatures and the intensity of the sun make every effort more difficult.

Some nice walking trails

In Gozo, there are no real hiking trails, strictly speaking. You will explore the island as you go… The island is not very large (14km over 7), so you can’t really get lost.
Nevertheless, there are very beautiful places where you can go for a walk : for example, I’m thinking about the Ta Cenc cliffs, located between Sannat and Mgarr Ix-Xini. This is where the picture that illustrates this post was taken.
In Qala, you can also walk along the coast, around the beach of Hondoq Ir-Rummien. Further north, Gharb and Ghasri offer very beautiful walks. The island is very rural and it’s possible to walk almost everywhere. Go on the coasts to enjoy the best views.

Scuba diving

The sea in Gozo

In the spring, the sea can sometimes be a bit chilly, especially when agitated by the wind. Usually, you can start swimming in May. The water hasn’t reached its maximum temperature yet, which is about 27°C in the summer, but it‘s still very nice and sufficient for a dip (about 20°C).

Scuba diving spots in Gozo

Since you have to wear a wetsuit while scuba diving, the water temperature is usually not a big problem. Malta, and especially Gozo, is famous for its beautiful diving spots. If you are a passionate, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to go discover a few. Scuba  diving in Gozo in the spring will allow you to avoid the crowds and enjoy the moment.
I recommend the diving club Blue Waters, situated in Qala.

Que faire à Gozo au printemps : de la plongée.

Rock climbing

An activity best suited for the spring

Climbing steep cliffs with an equipment on your back under a blazing sun is not the perfect experience. That’s why I rather recommend you practice this type of activity in the spring ! It rains very rarely in this season, so this is the perfect time. However, strong winds that often sweep the island might force you to postpone your climbing session for security reasons

Rock climbing clubs in Gozo

If you’d like to try rock climbing while in Gozo, I suggest you contact the official climbing club in Malta. They will advise you on the best places where you can practice this activity in Gozo.

Cultural visits : monuments and churches

Do not miss : the Gozo Citadel and the Ggantija temples

For some people, holidays under the sun mean pool and beach all day long. If you are not one of them and also take interest in the history of the island, you can not miss the Ggantija Temples in Xaghra. They predate the great pyramids of Egypt and are classified as UNESCO World Heritage ! I wrote a post about the Ggantija temples that you can read for more information.
The Citadel of Gozo, situated in Victoria, is also a nice place to visit ! This magnificent monument, full of history, has just been renovated and offers breathtaking views of the island.

Gozo in the spring, a good time to visit a few churches

In the summer, under a blazing sun, we usually prefer to lounge by the water instead of pounding towns and villages where the heat is even more present. Spring is therefore an excellent time to visit the many beautiful churches of Gozo. It’s likely that there won’t be as many tourists in this period. Take something to cover your shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts or shorts.

Que faire à Gozo au printemps : visiter des églises et des monuments.

Discover the island of Comino

Hiking in Comino

As I was telling at the beginning of this post, the mild temperatures are perfect to discover the archipelago by feet ! If you want to visit the tiny island of Comino, situated between Malta and Gozo, this is the ideal season. The place won’t be crowded and you won’t suffer from the heat as much, because finding shade in Comino is not easy in the summer.
This small island, which has only four permanent residents, is deprived of vehicles and is also a natural bird reserve. A good place for very nice walks !

Enjoy the Blue Lagoon, without the hordes of tourists

The island of Comino has beautiful coves with crystal clear water, where it’s very nice to snorkel and watch the fish (my favourite activity when the sunny days are back). But Comino is also famous for its Blue Lagoon, that looks like a real outdoor swimming pool with one of the clearest water you’ll ever see ! The only problem is that the place is awfully crowded in the summer, so it’s not very pleasant to go there in this season. Therefore, I recommend you visit the Blue Lagoon of Comino in the spring, and if possible in the morning to be sure to (almost) have the place to yourself. To learn how to easily get to Comino, I invite you to read my post about the transports in Malta, where you will find all the necessary information you need to travel on the Maltese archipelago.

To conclude

If you visit Gozo in the spring, you will avoid the hottest and the more touristy season. From the month of April, it is possible to do many activities while avoiding the annoyances of the summer. In addition, flights and rentals will be at a more attractive price off-season…

If this post made you want to visit Gozo, I invite you to read some other posts that might be useful : a map that lists the different things to do and see in Gozo, how to plan a one or two days trip in Gozo, the most beautiful beaches of Gozo, or the best restaurants of the island.

Finally, if you’re already planning a trip to Gozo, you might want to read my F.A.Q post about Malta and Gozo.

  1. Hi Charlotte! I love your blog as I found so much interesting information here! I’m traveling to Malta in the end of May, staying for 9 days and I’m planning to spend the (longer) half of the time in Gozo. I’ll be coming with my 6 year old daughter so I want to make sure both of us have fun. Can you recommend some places that would be nice to visit with children? We will be using public transport. Thank you in advance & have a great day, Katerina 🙂

    1. Hi Katerina ! 🙂
      I’m sure your daughter will love Gozo. In most of the villages, you can find one (sometimes several) playgrounds with slides, swings… You can take her to Ramla Bay, a beautiful sandy beach. You can visit a church (they’re beautiful) or the Citadel. If it rains, there is a movie theater near the Citadel, called “Citadel Cinema”. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of indoor activities here in Gozo, especially for children… But I think she will love going to the beach or walking in the beautiful countryside ! If the place where you’ll be staying has a pool, she’ll be in heaven… 😉
      Hope this helps !

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