Des vidéos pour faire du sport de chez soi.




For a healthy and efficient workout routine, it’s important to combine strength training and cardiovascular exercise. However, not everyone can afford bulky fitness equipment or a gym membership. And no need to mention the beginning of fall that makes us want to stay warm inside rather than running under the rain… But no worries ! It’s easy to do some strength training or yoga in a corner of a room, you already know that… But now, you can also find a multitude of cardio videos. What if I shared with you my favourite youtube channels to workout at home ?

1- The most girly : Blogilates

Difficulty : ★ ★ ★

Blogilates, runned by the energetic Cassey Ho, is my favourite workout channel. You will mostly find  strength training exercises, but Cassey also posts cardio workouts from time to time.

→ The pros : Cassey is motivating, her videos are fun and the sessions are short but efficient. I especially advise you to try the strength training sessions, which will probably give you a hard time.
→ The cons : well, a short session is not always a good thing… Her cardio workouts rarely exceed 10 minutes, whereas a session should last between 30 minutes and 1 hour to be really efficient. The solution would be to reapeat the videos several times (which could become a bit boring) or to do several videos in a row. However, for those of you who don’t have the time or for beginners, a 10 minute session several times a week is still a good start.

2- The most varied : Gym Direct

Difficulty :

According to me, this is one of the best youtube channels for beginners. You can find everything on there : cardio workouts, of course, but also strength training, yoga, or even dance.

→ The pros : the cardio workouts last approximately 25 minutes, which is a good timing if done 2 to 3 times a week. The standard sessions are quite easy, but the channel also offers more intense sessions. This is very practical to adapt your training according to your level.
→ The cons : I can’t really find one… Except for the fact that you might need some equipment (dumbbells, stick, elastic band…).


3- The most technical : Fitness Blender

Difficulty : ★ ★ ★ ★

This youtube channel is runned by a lovely couple who know what they’re talking about. You can find workouts that go from a few minutes to… more than an hour ! This is one of the few channels that offers such varied and complete sessions.

→ The pros : the more “technical” videos where they explain interesting things, for example what’s the best time to workout, or which dumbbells to choose. The time and calories counter on the screen is also practical and fun.
→ The cons : the videos can sometimes become a bit monotonous, a background music could be nice.

4- The most specific : Be Fit

Difficulty : ★ ★ ★

This is more or less the american version of Gym Direct. Cardio, strength training, HIIT, there’s planty of choice. Wether you have 5 or 30 minutes to yourself, you can find something you will like. The sessions are a bit more difficult though, best suited to the ones who already have one foot – if not both – in the fitness world. However, videos for beginners are regularly posted !

→ The pros : pregnant women can discover a lot of cardio workouts, strength training sessions or even yoga lessons created just for them.
→ The cons : some moves are explained too quickly and some coaches are more motivating than the others, but the sessions are still efficient.

5- The most energetic : Popsugar

Difficulty : ★ ★

With Popsugar, you feel like you’re working out with your girlfriends ! It’s fun, energetic and it goes by very quickly.

→ The pros : the coaches are motivating and the exercices are targeted to strengthen specific areas.
→ The cons : a lot of strength training sessions, but a few cardio workouts…

And voilà ! Hundreds of hours of free workouts, which you can do from the comfort of your home with no (or little) equipment… No more excuses ! 😉
Do you like working out at home ?

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