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Our arms are often neglected in our fitness habits. We tend to focus more on our thigs or abs when we start to work out. However, arms are also important, especially at the time of sleeveless dresses. Here are all my advice to define your arms, as well as a personalised workout routine.

Some things to know :

– It is unfortunately impossible to lose weight in one area in particular. When you make an effort, the totality of your body burns calories, and in the long-term, fat. It is a global process.
If you would like your thighs to be slimmer and if you practice targeted exercices everyday, they are not going to drastically slim down : your whole body will slowly become thinner. It is useless to try at all costs to “get your thighs slimmer” or to “lose belly fat”. Sliming is a global process that concerns all your body parts. Your brain is not going to eliminate fat in your legs or on your hips because you decided so. It will at first draw its energy from the “superfluous stocks” : face, chin, arms… Well yes, unfortunatelly for the fair sex, hips, butt and thighs are rebel areas wich stock a lot of fat.

– However, you can develop the muscles on a particular area of your body. By doing targeted fitness exercices, with your body weight or with dumbbells, you can shape these particular areas. Caution : this won’t make you lose weight on this area. As I explained before, the fat loss is going to happen globaly on your whole body. But the muscle gain works differently : if you assiduously work one muscle out, you will invevitably develop it. With muscle-building exercices, you can get more define muscles.

– The good mix : combine cardio (to burn fat) et muscle-building exercices (to shape and define your muscles). This is the perfect duo to slim down and create an harmonious and firm body.

– No, doing these types of exercices will not make you a deformed body-builder. It won’t give you a man’s musculature either. Women’s musculature is very different from men’s and don’t react the same way to the physical requests. Doing a moderate amount of body-building will simply define your muscles and tone your body up. It will even help you to slim down on a daily basis. Yes, more developed and stronger muscles need more energy ! Even at rest, you will burn more calories than before : your metabolism will increase. So, are you ready ?

N.B. : Since this is not the topic of this post, I have outlined these informations. If you have more precise questions, don’t hesitate to aks them in the comments, I will answer you as soon as possible. Tell me also if you would like to read a complete post only dedicated to this topic.

Let’s go back to the subject : an arm workout routine ! I think you got it, this workout will not make your arms slimmer, but it will define and shape them.
The session lasts about 15 minutes, I advise you to do it 4 times a week for optimal results. You can do this workout when you wake up, or at the end of the day. You can even integrate it to your usual workout routine, if you have one. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before, during and after the workout, and don’t skip the warm up and the stretchings to avoid injuries. Good luck !

You will need a timer and two dumbbells (1 to 5 kg each, depending on your level). If you don’t have any dumbbell, you can use water bottles, books, cans… Something relatively heavy and quite handy will make the trick !



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